Tuesday, January 6, 2009

CS Ver 2.1.5 3D For Nokia | Sony Ericsson All Resolution

Check out the Micro Counter Strike game for your mobile. It’s the mobile version of one of the most popular PC based games “Counter Strike”. Developed by M3GWORKS - leading developer of 3D game engine for mobile phones, developed the very first 3D FPS engine ‘M3GFPS‘ based on M3G technology.

The key features of Micro Counter Strike are:

* Based on the classic ‘Counter Strike’ game
* Make more money to buy weapons with which to overpower your enemies
* More than 10 weapons and equipment including pistol, rifle, grenade,etc.
* Cool and great graphics

Nb. you must first read the instruction in the file for you using Ngage, Nokia and Sony Ericsson about how to install the game !

If there is broken link you can use link mirror which exist hereunder.

Size : 6.1 Mb
Game for Ngage mobile
Counter Strike 2.1.5 at gamezhp.co.nrDownload CS for Ngage | Link Mirror

File : Jar
Game for Nokia S60v2, S60v3 (J2Me)
All Screen Resolution
Counter Strike 2.1.5 at gamezhp.co.nrDownload CS Multi Screen for Nokia | Link Mirror

File : Jar
Game for Sony Ericsson (J2Me)
All Screen Resolution
Counter Strike 2.1.5 at gamezhp.co.nrDownload CS Multi screen for Sony Ericsson | Link Mirror

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Comments :

There is 13 comments to “CS Ver 2.1.5 3D For Nokia | Sony Ericsson All Resolution”
Bembi said...
at date 

Counter-Strike seru banget..gw sering maen tuh, tapi Game PC-nya.
seri ke berapa nich CS-nya??? salam kenal ya sobat..gw tunggu information yang laennya, trhanks and Regard.

believer1984 said...
at date 

woah the graphice dont look so bad for a mobile shoot-em-up game.

Nice share - thanks !


ExiOST said...
at date 

wah bisa buat nglembur sebelum tidur...:P

SEDONA said...
at date 

The resolution is good indeed.

saleel said...
at date 

Hi, My dear friend, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I have added your blog to my blogroll. You may have a look
Thanks. Keep in touch!

Mandy said...
at date 

dear friend,U had been put broken link here .. I cant download yet!! :-(

Arjun.U said...
at date 

the game doesn't work on my SE W200i

Game_Lover said...
at date 

The installation instruction was indeed the file, read first the instruction...!

That instruction like this :

Before download you must first install crack jar into your mobile, run it once and don't delete it

then install that game, you will be asked to overwrite the old version (crack) with new one (game), click "yes"

then if you will be asked about 'keeping current settings' - click "yes", too. Game works on many mobile phones

at date 

Hi,I love this site. I have put your LINK in mine. Put mine too, please. Thanx.

evan said...
at date 

thanks frends, i like this game

Anonymous said...
at date 

Does tis file have virus ?

A-Jay said...
at date 

nice blog. thats sick that you can play those types of games on your phone. Im a ps3 and 360 gamer..

Anonymous said...
at date 

it ask me for registration.help?

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